Friday, November 23, 2012

Dark Turkey Thursday & Black Friday

“The Secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.” -- Oswald Spengler

Welcome to the Black Friday/Dark Turkey Thursday Report.

Yes, I went out among the masses and bargain hunters to procure a few items for my sweet little Princess Clare. And as I have done in the past I was expecting wall to wall minor league chaos with pushing shoving and grabbing of the “Hot” “Must Have” items. But alas as much as I hate to admit it was a smooth as imitation silk. It went easy I got the two items I needed and got to move around the store almost with the ease of a ghost. I would like to think it will happen again next year but I have to wonder if they could pull it off without opening at 8pm on Thursday. The only madhouse I experienced was over in Produce where the cheep movies had been placed. And I scored over there I got the Last two Harry Potter Movies (please sit down so you don’t hurt your tale bone when it hit’s the floor) for just under $5 total (yes $5 for the both of them) gotta love $1.97 movies at Wal-mart. Oh and I scored some kids movies for Jacob & Clare too. It went to dang good I was in & out & in and out again in under 2.5 hours (I got there at 7:25 and left for the last time about 9:50pm.)

As a whole people where very well mannered and the crowds were sparse. After leaving there I ventured over to see the line outside Old Navy and I had to wonder why some of the people didn’t dress warmer. Yes, I know it is currently mild during the day but at 10:30 at night with a slight breeze it is almost artic. Well after see a very small crowd and having not wish to buy anything other than the knowledge of how the line looked I went home.

But that’s not the end of my Black Friday Musing and Travels. Yep, I got up a little before 5 and ventured back to Wally World to see the 5am crowds and see what the aftermath looked like. I was greeted by the sight I would usually find at mid-day with plenty of people shopping but no disorder and mayhem and yes there was deals still to be had. I got tempted to buy a few things but declined the feeling to do so. After this I ventured back to Old Navy to see if it was still having sales (silly me) and was greeted by the most cheery sweet little blonde employee any store could ask for. At 5:30 in the morning this girl was vivacious and ready to go. I hope she gets employee of the month she deserves it. I then ventured home to resume my sleeping with the intent to get up later and eat breakfast and visit the Newgate Mall later. Well I did just that and it was an odd cross of people with lots of bags and a slightly more than normal amount of shoppers. It was surreal seeing Santa just standing around his little cubbyhole doing nothing while kids passed by with their parents going from store to store.

All in all in the end this Black Friday was Quiet and Easy Going. I almost would recommend having one every month to help the Economy.

Till Next time Let’s All Be Kind to Each Other and Be Safe.

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