Friday, November 23, 2012

Dark Turkey Thursday & Black Friday

“The Secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.” -- Oswald Spengler

Welcome to the Black Friday/Dark Turkey Thursday Report.

Yes, I went out among the masses and bargain hunters to procure a few items for my sweet little Princess Clare. And as I have done in the past I was expecting wall to wall minor league chaos with pushing shoving and grabbing of the “Hot” “Must Have” items. But alas as much as I hate to admit it was a smooth as imitation silk. It went easy I got the two items I needed and got to move around the store almost with the ease of a ghost. I would like to think it will happen again next year but I have to wonder if they could pull it off without opening at 8pm on Thursday. The only madhouse I experienced was over in Produce where the cheep movies had been placed. And I scored over there I got the Last two Harry Potter Movies (please sit down so you don’t hurt your tale bone when it hit’s the floor) for just under $5 total (yes $5 for the both of them) gotta love $1.97 movies at Wal-mart. Oh and I scored some kids movies for Jacob & Clare too. It went to dang good I was in & out & in and out again in under 2.5 hours (I got there at 7:25 and left for the last time about 9:50pm.)

As a whole people where very well mannered and the crowds were sparse. After leaving there I ventured over to see the line outside Old Navy and I had to wonder why some of the people didn’t dress warmer. Yes, I know it is currently mild during the day but at 10:30 at night with a slight breeze it is almost artic. Well after see a very small crowd and having not wish to buy anything other than the knowledge of how the line looked I went home.

But that’s not the end of my Black Friday Musing and Travels. Yep, I got up a little before 5 and ventured back to Wally World to see the 5am crowds and see what the aftermath looked like. I was greeted by the sight I would usually find at mid-day with plenty of people shopping but no disorder and mayhem and yes there was deals still to be had. I got tempted to buy a few things but declined the feeling to do so. After this I ventured back to Old Navy to see if it was still having sales (silly me) and was greeted by the most cheery sweet little blonde employee any store could ask for. At 5:30 in the morning this girl was vivacious and ready to go. I hope she gets employee of the month she deserves it. I then ventured home to resume my sleeping with the intent to get up later and eat breakfast and visit the Newgate Mall later. Well I did just that and it was an odd cross of people with lots of bags and a slightly more than normal amount of shoppers. It was surreal seeing Santa just standing around his little cubbyhole doing nothing while kids passed by with their parents going from store to store.

All in all in the end this Black Friday was Quiet and Easy Going. I almost would recommend having one every month to help the Economy.

Till Next time Let’s All Be Kind to Each Other and Be Safe.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Walking and Trusting In Myself While Letting Others Help Me

"Who will you run to when it all falls down, Who's gonna pick your world up off the ground,
Who's gonna take away the tears you cry" -- Heart (From the Song Who Will You Run To)

    Well I am back again for the second time tonight I guess a dam burst in my head after I posted the last Blog because I got suddenly hit with this really good inspiration I just had to share.

     As some of you know I have had troubles and problems recently some are good and done and others drag on. Among the one I have let drag on is my car is not working; it hasn't been for awhile. I put a new starter in and it was all I could afford so when it didn't work and appeared to be the alternator I sunk as I couldn't afford to put anything else into it. I almost kissed it all good bye. I let the fact I couldn't afford to put anything else into it dictate my life and future. I couldn't see my kids I even considered them gone forever as I am so far from them and those who should bend a little are selfish and give me only Sundays to see them even though I have when I had the car tried to arrange a Tuesday or Thursday visit. I have been withdrawn a bit and kept building on the improbable rather than the possible. I couldn't see past the fact I had no money to get the car fixed so when others kept asking if I needed help and offering it over and over again I just blew them off and sunk deeper into the fact I believed it would never get fixed (still isn't but as you will see I am better) I kept put every offer off and even considered putting the car up for sale as scrap or a fixer upper. I was only looking for the reality I thought I had to accept; I was a fool and I know it; otherwise why would people keep asking and wanting to help me get it going? Why, well because they care and want me to be able to get around and that includes seeing my kids who I miss dearly, and these people know it. So Today I decided to take a risk and let someone who had offered to help do so. He said not to worry about the cost he'd take care of that and he knew someone who was good with cars and they are coming by tomorrow and hopefully by this time next week I will have wheels again. BUT part of me is still going this is problem 2 and they always come in 3's and the next one will be worse and kill me. I say "You Bring It, I'll Deal" to that voice. Right now I am climbing the hill before me again.

     Before I close I do want to point out there has been an up side to this I am Walking more than ever and my health is improving from all the blood going through my Heart. I am enjoying the freedom of movement I have and I might just might miss walking to work at least 3x's a week. Yes, the weather is getting colder with rain and snow but I am having a grand time walking through the city racing myself to see if I can make it to home or work before the 1 hour mark. So I think no matter what happens I am going to keep walking more and more like I did in my youth and I enjoy doing while hiking in the late Spring to early Fall. Exercise is good. But A Car Is Better and Even Beyond is People who Care enough to keep asking "How are You Doing?" and not taking the hint I have blow them off so they keep coming back till I am no longer Stubborn and/or Blue.

So I am going to try this Blogging thing again.

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it" -- Edith Wharton

     Well I am going to try this again. I did a little dabbling awhile back and I just didn't keep it up. But recently I have gone a few diatribes on Facebook and have had a few good ideas for blog posts but didn't follow through with them. Also a few of my friends have started (or restarted) their own blogs. And I have been inspired to try nay do it.
     So here I sit trying to think of the witty pithy smashingly smart things that will amuse and enlighten those who may and will read this. And All I can do is let the words come as they may knowing that what has to be said shall be said and if I miss anything then Next time I will get it in.
    So now that I have said I am going to do this again I need to set some ground rules for myself so I don't procrastinate and leave myself and my hopeful readers hanging. And I need to keep these rules simple so I with the aging memory that is attached to the storehouse of knowledge, wit, wisdom, and thought I house in Ye Ol' Noggin can remember them. So Here they go:
          Rule 1: This doesn't have to be an "Everyday Thing" but it will be at least Twice a Week.
          Rule 2: A Quote will be at the start of each Blog and that quote will be somehow relevant to the content of what follows in the space below it.
          Rule 3: It will not matter how long or short the message is; it only matters I get to put it in out there and express myself.
          Rule 4: No Nasty Targeting of others.
          Rule 5: Be myself.

     I think I can do this. As a matter of fact I know I can. It will be Good and Cathartic. We all need to Vent, Unload, and Get the good the bad and the ugly off our chests from time to time. I hope people will read waht I post but if no one else does I am doing it for me then. And that is Rule 6: I realize I may be the only one who ever reads this and if so That is OK and if not then I am doing better at reflecting my light that I could ever hoped for.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's been a while but...

It has been a while and I have been out of touch with meself and this blog. I really need an outlet for my thoughts, lamentings, and the joy & sorrow of life.
Really I do there is so much going on and my life is it seems always in transition I have many many things I could and should be doing and saying. I hope to use the this blog as an outlet and depository for my life.
I am inspired by an old Live Journel I used to have and recently found I could access the old postings from. I was Freaking Amazing at that time of my life I was just so dang good at it I had no idea what it was (I do now it is called Blogging) I know I can do it again; and I will. Starting TODAY!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fire This Fire Department (& the Mayor Too)

There is an old saying that goes something like this "Those not fired with enthusiasm soon will be." Well out in Tennessee there is a perfect example of a group of people who need to be fired or at least set on fire.
In case you haven't heard a rural Tennessee couple watched their home and everything they own burn to the ground and become ashes and so did the local fire department. Yep, our most trusted to be there when we need them public severvents the the fire department. Well not our fire dept. but the one that covers rural Obion County. And why did the they let this happen? Well click on the link and read for yourself.

Yep, the The Obion County Fire Department and Mayor of said fiefdom are running something that looks like a protection racket. The Mafia would be proud. "You no Pay up on the fire insurance and we no can make sure your place don't be burning down, it's only $75 right knuckles? Ya, Boss!" And when you go to the Mayor he is asks you to kneel,  kiss his ring, and call him Don Crocker for he is the boss of the Fire Bosses. Can anyone say Extortion? How about indifference?

No matter how you slice it this is wrong. Someone somewhere needs to be fired out of their jobs and if it was up to me every member to that fire crew that went, watched, and did nothing that night would be gone. No excuses of well we were just following orders. And if I was the Governor of Tennessee I would have that mayor in my office writing out his farewell speech and I would have it on the local stations as he gave it. Bye Bye False Fire Crew Bye Bye Flimsy Mayor. Oh one more thing I'd make each and every one of those smucks pay for the replacement of that families home and belongings. And from now on when a fire happens the fire department who should be veiwed as heros not zeros will do their jobs and put out the fire not listen to the Talking Heads sing Burning Down the House while wondering who has the marshmallows.
It's time to get real and light a fire under someone butt so this tragedy does not repeat it's self.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paying Attention and Helping Others

I originaly posted this on my facebook page yesterday Dec. 5th 2011 Now I post it here as I want to have a perminate record of this event so I may reflect and not forget the importance of helping others and being aware of the need others may have.
One of the most heart wrenching things a person can do to another person is look the other way or ignore them when they are hurt and in need.

I had many errands to run today and being short on cash but hungery I decided to visit the land of Del & Taco for some cheep but filling food. As is my curse I looked around for a table to sit at and decided on the perfect one to watch everything going on a...round me. This afforded my the vantage point of seeing a great many people come & go through the door. Eventually I noticed something that made me stop eatting and wonder what happened; there was a person sitting on the ground just outside the door. As I looked around the Del & Taco to see if anyone else was seeing what I had I was unpleasently greeted with dull faces of indifference and blank tones of going about their business.
I got up put my food down and went outside to see what had happened. An older woman had fallen as she was leaving and was clutching her knee. Her food lay scattered on the pavement. I asked if she was OK. No, was the reply as she sobbed. I told her not to move I would be right back and I was getting the Manager of this Del & Taco to aid her. As I was telling the person in charge a man came in behind me and started to tell the person behind the counter the same thing I was conveying about the woman. Immedilately help was on the way the person in charge came with me and helped the woman inside.
I then resumed my humble lunch. As I was leaving I went and checked on the poor woman who was seated near the door filling out a paper the manager had given her. Tears began to form in her eyes; she thanked me and said I was the only one who cared or stoped. I told her of the other person and assured her she had both of us to thank. I had been the only one she had seen but someone else had cared.

I am not tooting my horn, no I am merely telling the story and hopeing others will reach out and care a little deeper, notice a little more, and be a light to someone in need.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cell Phones and the Pre-kindergarden Set

As I was walking through the Newgate Mall very recently with my 3 year old son who has the habit of walking beside me and stopping suddenly when something catches his attention so as I always have to keep track of him. I never get far from him before I notice his absence at my side. Well we had finished our trip to the kids playground in the mall so he could get his energy out (ha ha ha) and we were walking past a T-Mobile kiosk and he STOPPED while I kept going a few feet. I turn around and mini me has a cell phone in his little hands.
Now this is were it gets fun.
I call his name & tell him to put it back. He looks at me with wide eyes that say "Why Dad?" So I walk back to get him and this nice young man behind the counter asks what kind of phone I have (the standard question when trying to get me to sign up or upgrade) so I pull out my T-Mobile phone. The young man then asks if my son needs a phone. I tell him that my son doesn't need a phone because he's to young. The salesman then says and I quote "Everybody needs a phone." I say not a 3yr old. "Sure he does." comes the reply. (I am thinking Dude are you for real!) Well not today, I reply back as I gather up my son and start  to walk off. And as a parting gift I hear over my shoulder from Mr. Everybody Needs A Phone "Well let us know when he does."
I am thinking "Oh Sure Thing Dude and What Planet did you beam in from and how do I beam you back."
I have surveyed some of my friends and we all agree 3 is to young. Heck most everyone also agrees that Jr. High is a good starting point for getting a cell phone. That is when kids have that thing called maturity and a sense of things having value and understanding the usefulness of items that my son now considers akin to a toy.
So Mr. Mr. Everybody Needs A Phone T-Mobile Man I may call you in like 9 years when my son is in Jr. High but till then his next phone will come without a 2 year contract from Fisher Price.